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The Top 4 Problematic Foods For Dental Health

The Top 4 Problematic Foods For Dental Health

Your local Seal Beach dentist, Dr. Arash Aftabi, and the Gentle Care Dental Center have highlighted a few problematic foods for your teeth.

While teeth are meant to break down almost any food, these certain foods pose serious issues for your dental health. The impact that these foods have on your teeth may have you reconsider how often you have them.


People often chew on ice as a habit, or to stay cool. It is common to begin biting onto the ice cube when sipping your favorite drink, however, it may be damaging your teeth. Although is composed solely on water, the rigidity damages tooth enamel. In fact, chewing on ice cubes may leave individuals much more prone to dental emergencies.

Sour Candies

Most people will expect candy to be among some of the problematic foods for your teeth. This is correct, but more specifically, sour candies are worse for your teeth. Not only does the sugar from candy affect your oral health, but the acid found in sour candies will promote tooth decay. This is why your local Seal Beach dentist advises against sour candies.

Alcoholic Drinks

Consumption of alcohol already comes with its fair share of health hazards. One of these hazards include dehydration. With dehydration comes a lack of saliva and a dry mouth. These conditions help to spur the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Equally important, the lack of saliva allows food particles to stick to the teeth, often resulting in tooth decay or oral infections.


Bread remains to be one of the more surprising foods that impact your oral health. The reason why bread is harmful to your teeth comes from the starches. As you chew, the saliva condenses the starches into sugars. These sugars become sticky and paste themselves to the teeth and gums. If these sugars and starches remain in contact with the teeth and gums, it will possibly lead to decay and cavities. One way to avoid this issue is to reach for unrefined breads such as whole wheat.

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