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5 Tips To Better Oral Hygiene

5 Tips To Better Oral Hygiene

Our dentist Seal Beach service providers at Gentle Care Dental Center have outlined five quick habits to improve your dental health.

Your mouth is widely exposed to bacteria on a daily basis. This is why maintaining excellent oral health is pivotal in your overall health. By adopting several healthy dental habits, you will be on your way to enjoying a healthy smile.

Brush Your Teeth

While brushing your teeth may seem like a routine activity, be sure to brush your teeth often. Ideally, brushing at least three times a day, or after every meal, would greatly benefit your oral health. Additionally, brush your teeth correctly and with a purpose. Since it has become a mundane routine, make sure you brush for at least a minute, and replace your toothbrush accordingly.

Clean between Your Teeth

One habit that more people need to include into their dental routine is floss. Whether it is an interdental brush, and oral irrigator, or dental floss, it is important to clean between the teeth. After time, plaque and food may buildup between teeth. Flossing flushes out all debris and plaque that regular teeth brushing may not be able to reach.

Use Mouthwash

In many cases, there are areas in the mouth that a toothbrush or floss is not able to reach. This is where mouthwash becomes useful. Mouthwash seeps into all of the hard to reach areas in the mouth, and kills bacteria. It is suggested to do mouthwash after flossing, to ensure that all debris and bacteria are flushed out.

Watch Your Diet

Tooth enamel is tough, but is still damaged by certain foods. Things like sweets, sodas, wine, and coffee either stain or break down tooth enamel. While you do not have to completely abstain from these foods, be sure to take them with moderation, and clean your teeth thoroughly afterwards.

Visit Your Dentist

Lastly, regular visits to your local dentist Seal Beach service provider are the best way to maintain your oral health. By attending your scheduled dental check-ups, your dentist may be better able to identify probable issues. In addition, having an annual cleaning ensures that your teeth are polished, and your smile is bright!

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