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About Our Staff

The Seal Beach dentist, Dr. Arash Aftabi, and his team at the Gentle Care Dental Center are top dental professionals in the region.

Each individual on our team has been practicing in the field of dentistry for a multitude of years. The professionals at Gentle Care Dental Center are respected leaders and constantly staying on top of modern dental techniques. The rapidly-changing dental field is constantly bringing forth new ideas and methods to treat patients. Likewise, our team takes advantage of that knowledge to create better treatment options for our patients.

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Our success is predicated on our excellent patient care. By administering exceptional care to all our, we are able to create lasting relationships. Skills including active listening and responsiveness are the foundation for our entire staff. Our communication skills inspire confidence and makes for a much more comfortable visit to our office.

Our staff is always on hand and ready to provide dental services at a moment’s notice. Each patient is greeted and receives the utmost respect from our team. We truly do value our patients’ time and needs and strive to effectively complete treatment as quickly as possible.

Gentle Care Dental Center’s staff is knows as reputable team in the Southern California region. With a team as knowledgeable, caring, and skilled as ours, we will continue to provide outstanding service to the patients of the local area for many more years to come!

Please feel free to contact our team to discuss how we may be able to assist you with your dental needs!


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