Advanced Technology

A smiling dental patient
We believe our patients deserve the best treatment possible. So, our dental practice utilizes industry-leading instruments to help ensure that our dental services are done effectively and efficiently. The technology that we have is an investment in the health of all of our patients. The tools that we use are only found in advanced dental practices such as the Gentle Care Dental Center.
A dental staff woman working with a patient with dental equipment

MORITA® Cone Beam CT System

MORITA is an industry leader in the digital imaging and diagnostics field. Their products offer state-of-the-art imaging technology that delivers clear and detailed dental images. This system is incredibly helpful when analyzing the dental health of a patient’s mouth. The pristine imaging provides a much more in-depth look at the patient’s mouth, and allows our team to better diagnose issues or forecast probable complications. The MORITA Cone Beam CT System plays an integral role in the screening process, and it has lower radiation exposure compared to other traditional imaging systems.


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PIEZOTOME® Extractions

The Gentle Care Dental Office performs most extractions with the PIEZOTOME Cube. This instrument provides for a much more efficient way to perform dental extractions. The PIEZOTOME Cube allows for dental extractions to remain a minimally invasive procedure as compared to the traditional rotative instruments. Not only does this tool provide minimal pain and swelling, but it also preserves both bone and soft tissue. Rather than cutting away at the gums and impacting the jaw bone like most dental practices, our tools allow us to administer passionate care with dental extractions.

Dental Microscopes

At the Gentle Care Dental Center, we use dental microscopes to perform certain dental surgeries. Dental microscopes elevate both the precision and accuracy of any dental surgery. With intensified vision and a magnified lens, our dental specialists are better able to serve your needs. Since the dental microscope improves both the precision and accuracy, swelling and pain resulting from the surgery are minimized.

Combining Function and Beauty

We combine expertise with state-of-the-art technology to deliver an unmatched patient experience.